A team of passionate sportspeople , we BELIEVE that digitisation in the 21st century means that people all over the world can have the same access to training advice as the highly paid professionals. On demand, free, globally available Video as the delivery mechanism can give you the edge over your peers - and help you become a better player!

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Beta Program

Spolib is currently in Beta. We are building a digital sports knowledge sharing platform for you, and we need your help! Together, we will make Spolib the platform for every person in the world who wants to become a better player.


We believe that you can become a better player.
We believe that the education & knowledge you need to become a better player should be free and accessible to all.
Introducing Spolib - your training companion. A complete digital sports library for every person. Its entirely free because we believe in you.

Always On

Spolib is an always on, readily available globally accessible training companion personally customisable for you! Spolib will never get tired - Spolib will never get bored - Spolib will regularly provide NEW trusted tips and tricks - Spolib will NEVER rip you off - Spolib will NEVER stand you up for a late Sunday morning sleep in...you get the picture! Spolib is here to help YOU become a better player.

Exclusive Content

Spolib is building one of the most comprehensive databases of unique sports training content in the world. Much of this content is developed specifically for Spolib by exclusive arrangements with certified coaches from all over the world. All for your competitive advantage!

Personal Touch

The team at Spolib personally review and approve EVERY item of training content developed to ensure it meets the exacting standards of our accredited coaching board. We provide you the tools to generate YOUR VERY OWN custom playlist of the content you have found relevant for you, and the ability to then share your playlist and content with your community. Spolib is personalising the digital training experience.….