Phil Gadzinski
With a very diverse background starting in the army out of high school, where I learnt the true value of trust and small, networked cross functional teams, I went onto university on a military scholarship program. Finding myself working as security guard in a bank part time while studying, I ended working for the bank instead and have never looked back! The last 10 years have been spent working professionally in Australia's largest companies leading and advising teams and organisations on how to adopt agility at scale and volume. l have also been involved in another start up which didn't exactly scale the dizzying heights we planned ! But I learned a lot about how of build, learn and measure faster than ever before! My passion for Sports leads me to believe that Spolib can disrupt the global sports coaching industry with innovative use of digital technology and bringing on demand learning to the person who needs it. We are aiming to help every person around the world by bringing them the sports knowledge they need to become a better player!